Slide We Produce slider art Leather Crafts Leather is one of humanity's oldest and most important discoveries.
Kervan Leather has been producing leather products since 1986.
We carry out the production processes that
best suit your brand's needs on your behalf.
Advanced technology supported slider art Precision manual labor With the use of advanced technology from cutting,
tooling, sewing and gluing to stock and production follow-up,
every product that comes out of our facilities comes to life
as a work of art by our craftsmen.
The products are examined one by one and delivered to you.

Dreams Comes True

You will be able to follow any design step by step which you sent to Kervan. While we focuse to your products, you’ll be able to focus to your own brand without thinking the production line. If you want to experience the product line without troubles then you should prefer Kervan Leathercrafts.

Kervan Leather is
official member of the Leather & Leather Products Exporters' Association

As Kervan Leather, we use our 36 years of experience to upgrade the quality of our products and your brand. Our product line equipped with latest technology machines and we have a crew which has huge experience about leather crafting.


We have seen many brands which started with little steps which worked stable, devoted and determined. You can make it too. Let us share our experience with you to create your brand. You can ask for your own designs. Our designers will make the examples and we make your collection ready. Then we can open a website for you, we can create your logo and the package of your products.
If you wish you can choose some examples from our collections and start selling in few days.

Contact for Questions.